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I can’t do a plague on all our houses.’ Mr Lynch said Sunbeam had ‘advocated very, very, very strongly’ since last year to get clients vaccinated: ‘We were not looking for particularly special treatment for ourselves. But we did say it makes no sense to vaccinate the clients if you’re not going to vaccinate the frontline staff working with them.’ Mr Lynch confirmed that most Sunbeam staff – frontline and backroom staff working from home alike – were all vaccinated together within a couple of days of each other in mid-February. ‘I’m completely unaware about how the HSE system generated the calls to individuals,’ he said. ‘I don’t know how their algorithm works to select people to go forward for vaccinations.’ However, Mr Lynch expressed veiled frustration at the way Sunbeam’s clients – classed as 16 to 69-year-olds with underlying conditions – were not offered vaccinations until now. ‘The rollout, the way the HSE has done it, is the way the HSE has done it. I don’t have a comment on it whether it’s good, bad or indifferent,’ he said. ‘Maybe they did it because of the outbreak’ ‘That frontline people and back-office people got vaccinated ahead of clients – maybe that was a judgement call by the HSE. Maybe it was because of the outbreak that they did it. I have no idea.’ With a budget of €32m – 95% funded by the HSE – Sunbeam has more than 500 staff with a team of 10 managers who shared €816,000 in salaries, according to the latest accounts from 2019. In recent years, the charity has seen numerous management figures, CEOs and board members depart in the wake of a series of governance controversies. As recently as last month, fresh revelations about care standards, governance and finances at Sunbeam in 2017 were detailed in an internal investigation outlined by the Irish Times. Responding to these issues, the charity click here for more info said they related to past matters that are ‘now behind us’. But in January this year, 10 of 12 residents in one Sunbeam centre tested positive for Covid while a second outbreak in another centre was under way. Mr Lynch confirmed that most Sunbeam staff – frontline and backroom staff working from home alike – were all vaccinated together within a couple of days of each other in mid-February. Pic: Shutterstock As a result, three clients died, two of whom had been in palliative care. Another palliative care client who contracted Covid in these outbreaks also died ‘post-Covid’ in late February.


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European automakers are divided over whether to fight for PHEVs, or spend their financial and political capital accelerating the leap to fully electric vehicles and pushing for better charging infrastructure across the continent. Stephan Neugebauer, chairman of the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association, told Reuters technology improvements will mean future PHEVs rely less on their combustion engines, making them fit for the green transition over the next decade and even beyond. “Will all customers buy battery electric vehicles in 10 years, or nine years? We don’t think so,” said Mr. Neugebauer, who is also BMW’s director of global research cooperation. “Why? Because sometimes you have to make a long-distance trip, you go on holidays, you have to pull a trailer. And for this, you need public charging infrastructure. And this will still be a critical issue.” BMW and Renault SA, which have not set a date for going all-electric, are among the companies firmly in the hybrids camp. BMW boss Oliver Zipse said last month that they were “a great consumer product” and there would be a market for them even without subsidies. Renault CEO Luca de Meo said in February that PHEVs “will be part of the landscape for the next 10 years easily” and were more profitable than conventional cars. Volvo Cars CEO Håkan Samuelsson told Reuters: “It’s a bit disappointing [Brussels policymakers] don’t see the value of a plug-in hybrid.” But he said his company, which aims to be all-electric by 2030, was more focused on pushing the EU to make member states invest heavily in charging infrastructure. “If we in the car industry invest in electric cars, and do that very rapidly, I think our credibility to ask for investments in the charging network increases,” he said. The European Commission is due to propose at least a dozen pieces of legislation to slash emissions across all sectors this year. Current drafts of the EU’s sustainable finance taxonomy, a list of economic activities that from next year will determine what can be marketed as a sustainable investment, exclude manufacturing of PHEVs from 2026. That could deter the army of investors seeking assets with green credentials.